Child Therapy

Jennifer uses play therapy to help children feel heard, understood, and accepted. She uses the therapeutic environment and therapeutic relationship to learn about who the child is, how the child views him or herself, how the child views others (parents, siblings, friends, etc.), and how the child views the world. Jennifer takes her time to get to know each child in order to develop a strong therapeutic bond that becomes the vehicle for change. Her thorough understanding of the child and family assists in informing the treatment process and therapeutic interventions that are implemented during counseling. Jennifer engages her child clients in play based interventions that are fun, creative, and informative.

Child Coloring - Child Therapy in Orlando

Benefits of Therapy for Your Child Include:

  • Being provided with a safe environment to express him or herself in order to process and overcome challenges that contribute to inappropriate expressions of feelings or misbehavior
  • Learn coping skills to overcome difficult feelings and circumstances
  • Learn problem-solving skills to avoid tension and conflict
  • Enhance healthy self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem
  • Feel more in control of his or her own emotions and behavior
  • Learn positive ways to develop & maintain relationships 
  • Increase self-control and healthy decision-making skills

Meanwhile.... Parents will Benefit By:

  • Participating in the initial assessment process along with ongoing parent consultation
  • Understanding of the goals and intended outcome in therapy based on your child's Plan of Care
  • Learning tools and strategies to de-escalate and respond  to your child's intense emotions and misbehavior without reacting and making things worse
  • Gaining a greater understanding of how your child views him/herself, others, and the world
  • Learning strategies to use at home that reinforce what your child is working on in therapy
  • Obtaining family management strategies to facilitate open family communication and conflict-resolution


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