Emotional Support Animal Evaluation

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Evaluation is completed by a licensed mental health counselor to determine if you have a mental health disability or condition AND if an ESA would be the right support for you.

ESA Evaluations Consist of:

  • one in-person evaluation with a licensed mental health counselor
  • a complete and accurate medical and mental health history as reported in writing
  • secure and confidential online assessment(s)
  • communication, either in writing or by phone, between Jennifer Wisser-Stokes (the counselor doing the ESA evaluation) and your current primary mental health care provider (a licensed individual you are actually seeing)*
  • a letter of prescription required by housing agencies and airlines**
  • completion of any additional paperwork or forms that may be required by housing agencies or airlines

* If you are not currently participating in counseling with a licensed professional  at the time of the evaluation, you may be asked to begin or resume seeing a counselor before a letter of prescription can be provided.

** Issuing a letter of prescription is based upon outcome of the evaluation.

Next Steps...

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