Plan of Care

A Personalized Plan for Your Child

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Know what you're in for when it comes to therapy for your child...

The Plan of Care will:

  • Identify what your child will be working on in therapy
  • Outline Counseling goals
  • Show you how you will be actively participating in your child's therapy
  • Estimate the number of sessions and/or months that will be needed in order to meet therapy goals and graduate from counseling
  • Be revisited throughout therapy to ensure we are on track and monitor progress
  • Be yours to keep and take home

A little more about the Plan of Care...

Your child's Plan of Care is based on information obtained from the assessment period in therapy. It provides you with a road map for what you can expect during the therapy process. While the Plan of Care provides clarity and direction for treatment, things sometimes change. There may be times along the way that we make changes to the Plan of Care if we determine that changes are needed. Sometimes counseling goals are met sooner than expected while others take longer then expected.


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